getprotobyname and the default ubuntu:vivid Docker image

Trying to setup a network server on a ubuntu:vivid docker image, I ran into a weird problem - the server would accept the TCP request and then drop the connection. After eliminating a bunch of possible causes (firewall, SELinux), I found that a simple python TCP server I cooked up worked just fine - it was just that particular network server program that was acting up. It worked perfectly fine on the Arch linux distribution running on my laptop though.

Docker - setting the default size of images with device mapper storage driver

Been playing around with docker ( for a while now to see if it can help create a one script setup for setting up the build environment for the avr8 toolchain. One pesky problem when using the device mapper storage driver (the default on RHEL) is that the created images/containers are small - only 10G. That isn’t going to cut it for building the GNU toolchain - the gcc repo itself takes up 2.